Magnetic frag rack

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I'm accumulating quite a few frags on the bottom of my tank so I've been thinking about making a new frag rack.  I made the hang on type a few years ago but lately have noticed more people using the magnetic type.  I think it looks cleaner.

Here is my old frag rack

and here is what I'm going to make now.

That looks really good, I might paint it black. Where is a good place to get egg crate. I want some to cover my tank as im not gonna use an enclosed hood.

Home Depot, in the lighting section.


If I may make a suggestion.  If you want to make a rack a bit bigger (the one in the link looks like it will hold like 2-3 frags only), make sure you make some little support struts out of the scrap egg crate.  I had my rack on the Maxi-Mod Magnets, which are incredibly strong... but do to the size of the rack it would still pull the magnets apart until I added the little support legs.

I got this one on ebay for $23 with shipping

If you order from them ask for the stronger magnets they ship with 3 single ones but in a tank with 1/2" glass you need the 3 double magnets they did not charge extra


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