Sinks are one of the most useful components of our home; this is where we perform most of our grooming and also some hygienic practices like washing our hands and brushing our teeth. Because of this fact, we need to always keep our sink clean, lest it becomes dirty and would not be suitable for its purpose. Also, like any other thing, the quality of our sinks depreciates through time and much use.   

You need not worry though because you can do some things to prolong its life. To help you in this task, here is a list of tips on cleaning and maintaining your kitchen and bathroom sink. 

1.    Scrub the Dirt 

Most people don’t clean their sink because they think that the flow of water and the soap they use is enough to clean it. This thinking is wrong though, to thoroughly clean your sink, you need to scrub it sometimes. Overtime, soap scum deposits, rust, food stains, and other substances would accumulate and would take out the luster of your sink. Prevent this from happening by scrubbing it once in a while, thrice in a week is enough. 

2.    Keep the Luster 

Aside from cleaning it, it is also important to keep the color and shine of our sink. To do this in a white sink, get enough towels to cover all of the surfaces and then soak those towels in bleach. Lay the damp towels in the sink and let them be for about twenty to thirty minutes. 

If you have colored sink, do the same procedure but replace the bleach because it will fade the color away. Replace the bleach by using baking soda, vinegar, or a liquid detergent (mild) instead. 

3.    Prevent/Fix Clogs 

Clogging happens when there is something that is obstructing the pathway of the drainage from your sink. To prevent this, avoid putting anything in your sink that might cause clogging like hairs, food leftovers, soap bars and more.  

Clogging also happens when there is an accumulation of sediments underneath your sink. To clear it away, mix ¼ cup of tartar cream, 1 cup of baking soda and salt and place this mixture in an airtight container. Use this mixture every two or three weeks to clear away any accumulation of sediments.  

If, however, your sink have been already clogged and you don’t know how to fix it. Better call professionals like plumbing Kitchener ON and let them solve the problem and avoid further damage by trying it to fix on your own. 

4.    Protection from Stains and Scratches 

Another problem that our sink often encounters is stains and scratches. To prevent stain, avoid putting acidic food on your sink, or at least don’t let it linger there for long. Acidic foods and substances can come in the form of fruits, salad dressing, vinegar and much more. To prevent scratches, use a perforated plastic mat in the bottom of your sink, so your dishes would not directly impact the sink and cause scratches.